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Business books

Business books – these are some of best we have read over the last number of years. Pre-suasion – Robert Cialdini This book is a follow-up to Cialdini’s previous book, Influence.  In a nutshell, the author claims that we should focus on the moments before a buying decision is made to persuade your potential customer …

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New Customers

You have hooked them, they are in the shop, or they are ordering from you regularly.  The new customer will have to be looked after in the first few weeks and months of dealing with your business. The new customer may have left another supplier for a good reason.  If you are lucky you will …

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Marketing Mix

You can see more about my company at www.osamcquillan.ie or if you want to talk to an accountant about Irish tax and accounts you can phone +353 1 283 4123. You need to change the pace every so often.  As well as promoting yourself and your business directly to customers, you may need to look at advertising …

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