Pension contributions for self-employed people

Pension contributions for self-employed people in Ireland Here are the rates that self-employed people can contribute to their pensions, which are based on age: Under 30                                                      15% 30 to 39                                                        20% 40 to 49                                                        25% 50 to 54                                                        30% 55 to 59                                                        35% 60 and over                                                  40%

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Business Plan

Business Plan A business plan is a document that contains a profile of your company, and a vision of its future. You may give it to potential lenders, investors and partners, and you may also use it internally to plan for the future of your business. In Ireland many businesses use their accountants to help …

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Tax deadlines

Tax deadlines

Tax deadlines There are a few key dates for all Irish businesses you should be aware of. Companies: Corporation Tax deadline – you need to file an Irish Corporation Tax Return each year 8 months and 23 days after the year end. Corporation Tax payments – you need to pay the first chunk of Corporation …

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