Tax planning for business

Getting started If you are thinking of starting a business in Ireland, you think about some of these: what sort of business, who are the customers, the state of the economy, do you need a bank loan/leasing, your break-even point (how much sale before you get to zero profit, zero losses), the possible profit, the possibilities to grow the business, the impact of being the business owner on all areas of your life and the degree of risk involved. Business plan You should prepare a business plan that …

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PAYE Online

The Irish Payroll System and PAYE  Modernisation ­PAYE Modernisation in Ireland was started as the new payroll system in January 2019. Employees in Ireland including directors will no longer receive forms like P60s or P45s. Irish payroll will now be completed online and there is a filing every payday, allowing employees to see pay and …

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Moving to Ireland

Are you considering a move to Ireland for work/business? You probably have lots of questions about life in Ireland, average salaries and cost of living. Firstly average salaries in Ireland are €45,000 per year.  However salaries in the IT sector are higher at an average of €57,000 per year.  At €57,000 per year you will …

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