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Bullet HQ Review – Cloud Accounting Software

Bullet HQ is accounting software that is only available in the cloud.

How much does Bullet HQ cost?

This package is free but only if you have 5 or fewer invoices per month, so ideal for a side hustle or once a month invoice. For the paid version it’s $27 per month.

Ease of use/jargon free?

Bullet HQ uses to-do lists to prompt the user to do their accounts e.g. issue an invoice, pay a bill, and so on.  It is not necessarily intuitive, but the language is everyday and there is a workflow aspect to the package that non-accountants find easy to use and appealing.

The package has a wages add-on for Irish users, and there is a fantastic feature which calculates mileage for employees/owners and integrates this into the wages side of things.  In short, you put in business journeys and Bullet HQ calculates the payment you are due for using your own car to reimburse you for your journey.  You can repeat journeys as often as you like.  And the wages package keeps a running balance on how much you have been paid if, say, for example, you are not paid all the mileage money in one week or one month.

Integration with other packages

Bullet HQ seems to be standalone, although it does link to the main banks.  

There are no final accounts packages that link to Bullet HQ – so you can’t do statutory reporting using this package, you have to have an accountant do that for you that has the programs to convert Bullet HQ files to the legal formats required.  Typically a Bullet HQ user has an accountant to do this for them, probably in line with most other packages.

Useful for your accountant

Bullet HQ is not widely used by accountants.  This is where we get into the weeds so avert your eyes if the sight of accounting terms gives you nausea or worse.  

Bullet HQ only recognises expense transactions that have been paid.  Therefore anything that suppliers have sent you invoices for but you have not yet paid, are unrecognised in Bullet.  

This goes against one of the 4 fundamental accounting concepts.  These concepts are Accruals, Consistency, going Concern and Prudence.  I told you to look away so I’ve no sympathy for you.

There is a workaround in that you can go down through the Profit and Loss and accrue anything that is not paid already which can get over this problem for most people, but that is a manual process and is error-prone.  For example, you review the Electricity account and fail to see that the last bill was not paid.

The package produces decent reports for year-end tax reporting and your accountant can use these reports to produce full accounts.

Like all cloud-based packages, you can have your accountant login.  You cannot lock last year so you can inadvertently put a transaction from last year in and miss out on getting a deduction from your taxable profits.  There a level of discipline and organisation is needed to get around this.  The best workaround is to make sure the bank in Bullet agrees to your bank balance and then you can basically ignore everything else.

reports bulllet


The reports are okay, with the proviso that you have to adjust for anything not already paid.  For a business that doesn’t have balances owed to suppliers this is not a drawback.


Bullet HQ has good online support and you can get a demo from the company, which makes it stand out from the competition.  You can’t get a free 30-day trial but you can cancel at any time meaning it will cost you a one month sub to try it out.  This is a fair compromise.

Bullet HQ is great for a one-person business or for someone that does not owe suppliers for goods or services bought in.  The lack of ability to record invoices and track balances owed does mean it is only useful for a subset of businesses.

Price – explanation

There are a few add-ons including wages which you might want to get but for most people the basic version is enough to get through.


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